Live Vividley - with Sivan GarrSince 1995, Bay Area Spiritual Coach, Sivan Garr, has dedicated her life to guiding others toward the attainment of wholeness, happiness, success, and freedom of expression that is seated in the eternal truth of the heart.

Sivan offers practical and powerful tools for helping individuals transverse life’s challenges and creates internal and external revolutions in their lives. The creator of the inspirational “I Love You” Youtube video, Sivan’s mission is to help empower people in every aspect of their lives.

Sivan has found a clear language for translating life’s everyday experiences and hardships into opportunities for love and success. Sivan offers her teachings in a variety of forms including: One-on-One Sessions, One-Day Seminars and Multi-Day Retreat Intensives. Sivan also shares her teachings in the form of a Weekly Conversation every Wednesday evening in Sausalito. If you do not live nearby – Sivan is available via Skype or Phone.

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Sivan’s Teachings and Spiritual Life Coaching

Sivan’s highly effective teachings are founded upon her Four Pillars of Spiritual Living. These powerful elements demystify the complex and intangible aspects of spirituality into precise, coherent and timeless wisdom that can be practically applied to all aspects of your life.

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Sivan is committed to providing her support during this difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic. She and her staff have been preparing and sharing helpful tools and guidance. Sivan has also been hosting a free weekly group on Zoom. If you would like to support Sivan in her efforts, you can donate by clicking the link above. If you would like to attend her weekly group, please email the request!

PLEASE NOTE: The link above is for donations only. If you wish to pay for a session, please use the links provided in your confirmation emails.

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