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Sivan is a powerful and dedicated enlightenment guide who has enabled transformative healing and spiritual awakenings within the lives of others for over 20 years.

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Immersion 2017

Date: September 16, 2017 to September 23, 2017
Location: Fort Walton Beach, FL, USA (view map)
Description: Deeply immerse yourself in a remarkable healing, life changing experience for an entire, uninterrupted week with Sivan. Each day, Sivan will weave an intricate tapestry of healing for every individual - with words, divine energy and laughter. Sivan will speak, offer unique exercises, guided meditations and work with each person individually ensuring your personal dynamic shifts.

Registration Fee: $2,450.00 USD - $2,650.00 USD

Her unique abilities will reconnect your life to our love filled universe.

Sivan’s highly effective teachings are founded upon her Four Pillars of Spiritual Living. These powerful elements demystify the complex and intangible aspects of spirituality into precise, coherent and timeless wisdom that can be practically applied to all aspects of your life.

Living Vividly - with Sivan Garr

You don’t have to leave your life behind in order to get, or do spirituality. On the contrary – this necessary, important and extraordinary wisdom is available to you here, and now.

Make a difference to your world and rediscover a meaningful life – with Sivan Garr.

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Sivan offers her teachings in a variety of forms including: One-on-One Sessions, One-Day Seminars and Multi-Day Retreat Intensives. Sivan also shares her teachings in the form of a Weekly Conversation every Wednesday evening in Sausalito. If you do not live nearby – Sivan is available via Skype or Phone.


My experience as Sivan’s student has been no less than a miracle. She literally saved my life and the positive changes in my life have been astounding. Things I never dreamed were possible have occurred. The transformation is so evident, even others notice the changes. Sivan’s love and compassion are not of this world. She is always on point with her advice and guidance. She makes any pain in life bearable and shows me how to see everything with crystal clear clarity.

Kareema FrancoCEO, From There To Here Imports