Sivan Garr’s One-Day Seminars present a valuable chance in which to immerse yourself in the timeless wisdom of her Teachings. These day long events are especially suitable to persons who lead busy lives, and are therefore unable to attend the Multi-Day Retreat Intensives, or maintain an ongoing One-on-One Session.

Next Seminar

Becoming Empowered

Date: February 25, 2018
Time: 10:00AM - 5:00PM PST
Location: 2346 Marinship Way, Sausalito, CA 94965 (view map)
Description: Join Sivan for her next Day Long Mini Retreat Intensive, Becoming Empowered. Each individual event is presented by Sivan and includes unique practices, tools and experiences for empowerment. The love and the gift that Sivan shares, including the powerful exercises, can allow you to heal a significant area of your life. As a result of spending time with Sivan in this way, you will have the opportunity to gain access to your own deep gifts and to give way to the Real You! You don't have to wait anymore! Your life can be yours now!
Registration Fee: $185.00


2346 Marinship Way, Sausalito, CA 94965

Attending 2-4 One-Day Seminars each year can be very effective tool in which to reorient yourself on the spiritual path, and expand your capacity for self-liberation without impacting too deeply on either your career, or extended time off with family. These events also offer a wonderful opportunity to develop yourself within a group environment, and create meaningful and lasting connections with others who are on a similar path to yours.

Sivan is THE BEST! Truly. It’s hard to describe the impact she’s had on my life, because I know 100% that I would not be the person I am today without her everlasting and tremendous love, support, acceptance, and clarity.

She seems to always know exactly what I need in a particular moment – whether it’s a push towards change, an eye-opening revelation that helps me see myself or my situation more clearly, or simply soothing comfort. Always – I feel her love, her dedication, and her desire to help me. Always – after seeing her I have a deeper sense of ok-ness with myself, and deeper gratitude towards life.

Every time I speak with Sivan, I walk away with a beautiful and resounding nugget of wisdom. I carry it with me, repeat it to others, and use it on a daily basis.. It’s always perfect for the moment, and always changing. Her wisdom consistently shows me how to be a more loving person – which is my greatest desire.

I have known Sivan for 11 years, and her love and wisdom grows more and more every day. It never stops! Her love, her energy, her willingness, her positivity, her fun-ness, her humor, her perpetual YES – all help me see how I can be a better person. She is a champion of love, one of the greatest gifts on this planet, and I feel incredibly honored to have her as my teacher and my friend.

Tracy FriesenWriter / Personal Chef / Assistant

Sivan often creates each seminar with along a particular theme so be sure to read the full event descriptions for more specific information relating to the mind-expanding insights that are on offer.