Greetings all,

We have just returned from our Weekend Retreat Intensive – Implementation.

Super You 2016 - Multi Day Retreat

Super You 2016 – Multi-Day Retreat Intensive

It was a truly wonderful opportunity to share insights into the path of spiritual development. I remain eternally grateful to all the retreat attendees who brought literally everything to the table of self improvement and were courageous enough to share their inner workings with the group. As a team we were able to co-create a truly fantastic atmosphere in which to unearth our inhibitions and discover new implementations for a happier and more empowered self!

I have included a small selection of the photographs from the event below, but for the complete gallery page for Implementation 2016 – go here.

Special Thanks to the magnificent Mark Dean for all his fantastic photographs. He never fails to capture all of the magic and I am ever thankful for the creativity that he brings to these transformative retreats.

I love you all!

Sivan Garr