Sivan Garr will be hosting a new Multi-Day Retreat Intensive in Bodega Bay from May 20th to May 23rd 2016.

Bodega Bay, CA

With precision and mastery Sivan works with each individual, guaranteeing the best growth and healing outcome possible. As Sivan vividly translates your soul’s own wisdom, experience what it means to truly become you!

The magic of Sivan’s love, healing energy and endless store of life-changing information and gifts, will help you find, name and become your own version of a super human!

View photos from Sivan’s last Retreat Intensive in Bodega Bay, CA

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Registration fee does not include the cost of food or transportation. The cost of food will be shared. You will be asked to paypal an estimated amount before the retreat and we will balance the actual cost of food after the retreat.

Joining by Skype is available during the group evenings starting at 8pm.

Abundance Option: Demolish your strongest blocks and create unlimited abundance in your life!