Find the true power and strength within you!

September 15th to September 22nd

Join Sivan for her 11th annual week-long retreat intensive, Immersion 2019!

This extraordinary week-long retreat will give you personal growth and fulfillment, allowing you to:

    • Gain invaluable information that will aid you in every step of your spiritual path.
    • Attain an immensely deep level of personal spiritual discovery.
    • Sharpen your gifts to take you closer to success.
    • Strengthen your total system of mind, emotions, body, and soul in ways that show you the keys to your own power!
    • Deepen your spiritual practice like never before.

    What to Expect


    Each group session will be held during the day with a few excursions during the week. There may also be a public talk as well. More details to come!

    Personalized Teachings

    You will receive personalized teachings and counsel from Sivan throughout the week. She brings an exquisite bouquet of healing energy, impactful clarity and sacred information for you to benefit, heal and grow from. Sivan’s commitment, love, tireless energy, humor, and laser-like intuition will delight, amuse and move you into your next life experience!

    Group Transformation

    By combining her individual teachings with group sessions and activities, you achieve the most powerful transformations and learn to integrate them in a safe and nurturing environment of conscious companions.

    Cost Details

    Retreat Fee


    Note that this does not include the cost of lodging, food, or transportation to the event. Please see below for totals with lodging and food cost details. You are responsible for arranging and paying for your own transportation to the event.



    There will be a personal chef on site. This cost includes shopping, cooking, and cleaning.



    Each attendee will be sharing a room and bathroom. The room selections will take place upon arrival. The individual who registers first will be the first to select their sleeping space.


    Book Your Spot!

    Spaces Remaining: 5