Photos now available from the Immersion 2016 Multi-Day Retreat Intensive

I am excited to announce that the photos from my last Multi-Day Retreat Intensive in Portland, Oregon, Immersion 2016, are now available!

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Upcoming Event – Become Empowered! (Free Talk in Portland) September 20 2016

Awakenings Wellness CenterSivan is returning to Portland this September for her Week-Long Retreat Intensive, Immersion 2016. During her time in Portland, she will be offering a free talk at Awakenings Wellness Center. This is a great opportunity to meet Sivan for those in the Portland area.

With precision and mastery, Sivan works with each individual, guaranteeing the best growth and healing outcome possible. As Sivan vividly translates your soul’s own wisdom, experience what it means to truly become you!

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Activate Awakening - Bodega Bay, CA

Photos now available from the Activate Awakening Weekend Retreat Intensive

We are now back from our Weekend Retreat Intensive in Bodega Bay, Activate Awakening, and it was an absolute pleasure to spend this weekend with everyone. From our day trips to Sebastopol and the beaches, to our evening meetings, it was truly a retreat to remember!

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Upcoming Event – Immersion 2016 – September 17-24 2016

Deeply immerse yourself in a remarkable healing, life changing experience for an entire, uninterrupted week with Sivan. Each day, Sivan will weave an intricate tapestry of healing for every individual – with words, divine energy and laughter. Sivan will speak, offer unique exercises, guided meditations and work with each person individually insuring your personal dynamic shifts.

Each day with an air of joy, as we explore beautiful Portland, Sivan will share and teach how to integrate and express each person’s new found strengths, freedom and special gifts. Release negativity and purify your being to make room for the uplifting energy and satisfaction that awaits you.

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Sivan Garr - Multi Day Retreats

Upcoming Event – Activate Awakening – May 20-23 2016

Sivan Garr will be hosting a new Multi-Day Retreat Intensive in Bodega Bay from May 20th to May 23rd 2016.

Bodega Bay, CA

With precision and mastery Sivan works with each individual, guaranteeing the best growth and healing outcome possible. As Sivan vividly translates your soul’s own wisdom, experience what it means to truly become you!

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Sivan Garr - Spiritual Teacher

Photos now available from the Implementation 2016 Weekend Retreat Intensive

Greetings all,

We have just returned from our Weekend Retreat Intensive – Implementation.

Super You 2016 - Multi Day Retreat

Super You 2016 – Multi-Day Retreat Intensive

It was a truly wonderful opportunity to share insights into the path of spiritual development. I remain eternally grateful to all the retreat attendees who brought literally everything to the table of self improvement and were courageous enough to share their inner workings with the group. As a team we were able to co-create a truly fantastic atmosphere in which to unearth our inhibitions and discover new implementations for a happier and more empowered self!

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Upcoming Event – Becoming Empowered – February 28th, Sausalito, CA

Join Sivan for her next One-Day Seminar – Becoming Empowered.

Each individual event is presented by Sivan and includes unique practices, tools and experiences for empowerment. The love and the gift that Sivan shares, including the powerful exercises, can allow you to heal a significant area of your life. As a result of spending time with Sivan in this way, you will have the opportunity to gain access to your own deep gifts and to give way to the Real You!

You don’t have to wait anymore! Your life can be yours now!

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Photos now available from Immersion 2015 Week Long Retreat Intensive

Sivan in forest partk

Sivan Garr in Forest Park, Portland, Oregon.

We have just returned from our Week Long Retreat Intensive, Immersion 2015 in Portland, Oregon.

Spending a week with everyone surrounded by Portland’s breath-taking nature was such a treat! Our hike in Forest Park was simply magnificent.

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