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Then there are times when nothing less than the truth will do.

The truth in all forms, fed to one in doses that makes one so full they burst. Dished out from any and all directions, forms, people and situations.

Truths that are raw, real, earthquake material.

Truths that wake us from our slumber.

Truths that shock us into walking out of our skin and flowering into something we could never have imagined, but somewhere inside had always hoped for.

No, this is not comfortable. And, yes – this is the dream we have all been waiting for, while under our covers.

- Sivan Garr

Your very own happiness, gives others around you permission to experience their happiness. This is a fundamental truth of healers.

- Sivan Garr

The amount of courage, perseverance and strength it takes to be compassionate far outweighs the ability to go to war.

- Sivan Garr

Deep and radical caring. What does that mean?

Does it mean you have to help every friend move?
Does it mean you have to go to every party, even if 3 are on the same night?
Does it mean that you have to feed every single hungry person in the world?

Deep and radical caring means that inside of yourself, you agree that every other person’s well-being is as important as your own. It does not mean you are responsible for the happiness of others. It means you acknowledge, deeply and radically, that they are as important as you are, everyone!

When everyone’s needs are as important, choices and decisions are arrived at easily with much less, if any, friction.

- Sivan Garr

I love each of you and have a deep resounding intention to spread as much love and healing as possible!

- Sivan Garr

How do you remember your childhood, or a significant past relationship or job?

Can you see the ways you can describe it as wonderful or horrible?

Kind, or abusive?

Boring or exciting?

How can we tell the truth, be positive, and tell the whole story without being in denial?

There is a way. And that way of remembering, describing and sharing can lead to your release from the past, and an unfolding of your life’s progress in ways that you are so jazzed about!

- Sivan Garr

There is a healing that can happen in silence alone.

Not only the deep, meditative, inner silence.

But, the simple silence – just being quiet.

Not speaking.

Sometimes we have conversations that feel like they are going nowhere. Try silence. It does not have to be weird. You can just say, “I need to collect my thoughts.” Or, “Let’s just take a break from our discussion for a couple of minutes.” Let your mind calm. Just sitting with a person in quiet can lead to a better connection, a deeper understanding, a shift in the discussion, and a shift in consciousness. Really simple measures can create really huge results!

- Sivan Garr

You are, who you are, everywhere you are, with every single thing you are doing.

You have the freedom to bring all of your amazing talents and gifts to all tasks.

You have qualities, characteristics, gifts and an imagination that are unique to you.

You can tap into the entirety of your being all of the time.

That makes everything you do valuable and important. It makes getting up in the morning a potential act of changing the world. It means that washing dishes and mopping floors can be a vehicle for your gifts.

It makes every moment magical!

Your intention and manifestation of your most beautiful and amazing self, will send out waves of healing and inspiration. You may not know who you affect, but you will feel the change and uplifted feelings in YOU!

- Sivan Garr

I am often asked –

“Which way should I go?”

“Which job should I take?”

“What is the right thing to do?”

“Did I do the wrong thing?”

Indecision is a block for many people.

In spirituality, there is no right decision or wrong decision.
One decision will take you down one path, and one down another.

Truthfully, our choices each day are infinite!

Each decision has varying degrees of how much it will impact your life. Like, “Should I drink water or tea?”, or, “Should I tell my boss I am angry or not?” Each decision will offer a set of experiences. Some we call ‘good’ and some we call ‘bad’. But they are experiences none the less. If you wait at the crossroads until you know which road is the Right road, you may never leave where you are. Stop waiting for a ‘sign’ of rightness to live your life! Get moving! Experience will tell you the rest!

- Sivan Garr

A spiritual path cannot truly be successful without the inclusion of the Heart. It is actually the presence of love that allows us to go through the process of awakening. It supports us, guides us, connects us, and more.

Work on opening your heart daily.

Ask yourself who you would be, how you would feel, what you would say, where you would go and what would you do, if your heart was fully open. It can be a fun game – if you do not take yourself too seriously.

There are no right or wrong answers!

- Sivan Garr

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