On: Blocks

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Hurt Feelings

Sivan discusses how hurt feelings can hold us back and how you can go beyond it.

Focusing on Your Path

The benefits of keeping your thoughts on your path in every moment.

Using Truth As Your Guide

Speed up your path by uncovering your true self and begin breaking down the walls that hold you back.

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Loving Past Meanness

Last week, someone wrote me an email and asked, “What is the greatest challenge one may have to overcome, in order to attain the epitome of a spiritual path?”

This is a story in response to that question. I also copied my brief answer, below.

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Top Seven Most Common Blocks To Achieving Love, Happiness and Enlightenment!

As a Spiritual Teacher, one of my jobs is to assist my students in identifying what blocks they have to move forward, and then helping them figure out how to blast through them, remove them and overcome them!

In light of this, I decided to write the top seven most common blocks that everyone experiences at some point on their path. These blocks can seem intimidating, but they are not insurmountable and sometimes, just naming them can help us prepare for them and do wonders for reducing their impact.

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People Reflecting You

Sivan gives explanations and a practice on how the people around us reflect us and ultimately show us what we need to see.