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At the age of 32, I collided with my destiny.

After a life of searching for answers; secretly believing that love existed, but having never felt it; having spent many of my life years behind the heavy bars of very, very dark depression; having the constant experience of being aware I was asleep, but not being able to wake up; feeling like I was dying in a desolate and never-ending landscape of hopelessness… life brought me a gift.

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BE The ONE That Cares about YOU!

Have you ever felt that you just so wanted someone, anyone to care about you?
Did you wish when you were young that someone would care about your talents, your gifts, or your pain?

Do you ever wish that someone would come along to help you? Really care and really help?

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Growing and evolving can be easier and faster when you feel good. But being in pain or confusion is also motivating.

It is easy to desire feeling better when we are in pain. But when we are under emotional siege, we don’t always have the strength to stay focused on the thoughts and actions that would make our path easier. Yet, for some, when we feel good, it is difficult to motivate ourselves to focus, and use our tools for betterment, or to even imagine that there is somewhere better to be! It is easy to become apathetic at that time and to lose interest in growing.

Work towards building your desire to grow and experience a richer more expansive life every moment, all of the time, and especially when you feel good. You will find that the next time you go through emotional pain, you will feel stronger and more capable.

The time is NOW!

Every moment.

You don’t have to wait for the next tsunami!

- Sivan Garr

I was recently called upon to ask myself what I would want my life to look like if I knew I was going to die in a matter of months. After fully attending to contemplation, a deep peace took a strong hold in the most personal part of my being. I realized that –

My life is exactly as I want it.

My life is exactly as it needs to be.

In a very soft sweet way I witnessed the amount of love I have for my life, and that my life has for me. My life is so right for me that all death can do is ask me to be even more present in the moment that I am in.

I welcome each moment my life has to offer.

I know that physical death is a part of this life, and that by being peaceful in this here-and-now experience, I am in the best place I could ever be!

- Sivan Garr

Hiking path in Hawaii

Making Decisions

In order to really talk about how to know when and how we are making a mistake, we would have to talk about pre-destiny, the grand design and the role of the Divine.

This story is about the simple, yet difficult, choices that each of us face every day, and the process we go through to decide which path we want to take in any given moment.

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Imagine not being imprisoned by your fears.

Imagine not being paralyzed by your rigid opinions and beliefs.

Imagine not being kidnapped by your rage, imagine.

Imagine a world where everyone can shine, where working through difficult conversations and confrontations is the norm.

Imagine being so flexible that you can imagine all beings’ perspectives without deferring to any.

Imagine having a heart so big that it can heal anything!

The power each of you have is enough to shift our destiny as a world, our universe as a whole, our communities and families, into a brighter and more illuminated place. Whatever darkness you think you carry it is not even an inkling as big as your light!

- Sivan Garr

We Deserve Good Things

A common statement I hear from people I work with is, “I don’t feel like I deserve good things.” This is an amazingly prevalent feeling and thought process. It’s an inner program that stops them from getting in line with their dreams.

This is the ego working to put up barriers to the full freedom of their self-expression.

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Shut out the Negative Voices

At some point, just stop listening to your negative voices. Stop taking them seriously. Stop telling everyone all about them over and over. Stop believing in their value. Stop believing them. Stop believing that if you find solutions, or if you get that facelift, or lose that weight, or win the lotto, or get that boy/girlfriend, or have the right friends, or get the break you need, or find someone to help you, or have that important somebody say their sorry, that everything in life will be okay.

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The Spin Cycle

“Why is this happening to me again?”
“What am I not getting?”

Lots of folks tell me that they have repeating cycles in their lives. Either repeating uncomfortable situations, the return of past relationship problems, or just something downright in their face like getting fired from a job (again) without understanding why.

The repetition of uncomfortable situations does not always happen because you did not learn your lesson; sometimes it happens because this particular situation has been a motivating factor for you to move forward in life, and evolve.

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Fake it Till You Make it

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It is tricky, because there is a difference between feeling shut down or desperate, and communicating from those feelings and in making a conscious choice of communicating what you wish you were feeling.

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