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- Sivan Garr


Small Efforts Can Make BIG Changes

Most folks, in some way, are trying to change or improve their lives. Maybe they seek a romantic relationship, more friends, more money, better career, or countless other things. So many times in life, people feel like what they really want is unattainable.

When people come to work with me, I like to share that big changes can, and do, come with small efforts. The key is all about consistency.

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All things that we feel block us from moving forward, are exactly the things that can lead us to our freedom.

- Sivan Garr

The Wildness of Choosing Love

Sivan describes what happens when you move into your heart and keep going into love.


Once I decided to dedicate myself fully to my spiritual path and personal growth, many things began to happen to me that seemed exaggerated and wild. Imagine your life suddenly feels like a movie playing at the IMAX. That means that every little pimple has a magnifying glass, a huge spotlight and mirror all focused on it. So really, it is just a pimple…..right?

Two months after that fateful February day in which my life collided with my spiritual path, I decided to stop wearing make-up. This was an extreme decision, in direct response to my desire for change and spiritual growth. And, if you are unaware of this fact, there are parts of our country, where not wearing make-up really puts you in a category of ‘odd’. To say the least. That is where I lived.

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Radical Change!

Earlier today, I was talking to someone who really wants to dramatically change the direction of his life and feels that his fear is too great to accomplish this. This story is dedicated to him and to all those who may be in similar situations. This is a story of hope.

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Make change happen: Desire / Intent / Action.

- Sivan Garr

One Simple Concept

Sometimes, just absorbing one simple concept can literally change your life. By contemplating and implementing the idea in your daily life, you begin to find the answers to questions and solutions to problems.

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Good Enough Is Not Enough — I Want To Be Better!

I really went through so much trying to figure out what to write this week and of the countless subjects I could have picked, all that kept coming to me was my own inner desire to be so much more than I am.

Most people have no idea how powerful they are. Either in a positive or a negative way. We all have bad days and don’t always pay attention to how we are treating other people. Sometimes, it just doesn’t occur to us how we are making people around us feel. And when it may cross our minds, many times we are way too immersed in our own problems to care about anyone else.

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Stronger than the Ego

Learn about the practice of the positive voice and the importance of this on your spiritual path.

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