On: Choices

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Defy the Odds

Sivan goes in-depth about how we can go beyond our pain and be powerful, strong, and happy!


BE The ONE That Cares about YOU!

Have you ever felt that you just so wanted someone, anyone to care about you?
Did you wish when you were young that someone would care about your talents, your gifts, or your pain?

Do you ever wish that someone would come along to help you? Really care and really help?

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Implications – these are the unseen, and perhaps unspoken motivation behind your actions.

They may also be the hidden desires behind your choices.

Studying implications can build a steady awareness of what is going on “behind the scenes” in your consciousness! You will not believe how surprised you might be about something you thought was one truth, but in fact, is something else entirely!

- Sivan Garr

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Making Decisions

In order to really talk about how to know when and how we are making a mistake, we would have to talk about pre-destiny, the grand design and the role of the Divine.

This story is about the simple, yet difficult, choices that each of us face every day, and the process we go through to decide which path we want to take in any given moment.

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Every single thing you do and say is a choice.

When I connect with someone who is on the path of awakening I will often hear them say – “I could not help it!” “I could not stop myself!” “I don’t have any control over this thing, or that thing.”

This could be an addiction, or a type of behavior, or an angry reaction, etc. However, if you were to put your thoughts into very sloooowww motion, you would see that an actual thought and subsequent agreement, led you to doing whatever it is that you did or that you do.

Practicing the various forms of The Observer is the key to unraveling the intricate design of your mental process. And when you do, you begin to have the freedom to essentially ‘rewire’ it from the inside out making your choices absolutely conscious!


- Sivan Garr

Sivan Garr - an Act of Generosity

An Act Of Generosity

How had I gotten in this predicament?
How, after 2 1/2 years of intense spiritual study, did I still find myself confronted with an absolutely dire financial situation? What did God want from me?
Where had I missed?

I was 34 years old. After over 2 years of intense spiritual study, I was living with my 2 teenage daughters. I was now a single mother, working back in the world of mortgage banking. My income just barely covered our expenses and there was absolutely no financial room for extras or emergencies. I had no savings, no credit cards and no other financial resources.

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