On: Connection

experiences on your path

Experiences we are Looking for on our Path

Sivan explains what types of experiences we are looking for when on a spiritual path and how to identify them.

The “Eyes” have it

Are there rules of engagement when it comes to eye contact? Can you ‘stare’ too long? Does not looking in the eyes of another at all, create mistrust? What about when you are listening to someone, talking, or just sitting and being with someone?

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Expanding Your World

Many of us have conditions when it comes to making connections with others. Sivan explains how we can make powerful connections without those limitations.


Creating the Invitation

Learn the importance of creating the right environment for you to grow spiritually.

The Idea of Love

Sivan talks about the idea of love and what it looks like when we truly manifest it.

Brick wall

Beyond Walls

Sivan discusses the false image we have of life and connection. Learn our individual responsibility towards others and ourselves.

Teacup and journal

Compassion and Humbleness

Sivan explains how compassion and humbleness feel.