On: Deserving

Why we Deserve Good Things

A common statement I hear from people I work with is, “I don’t feel like I deserve good things.” This is an amazingly prevalent feeling and thought process. This is an inner program that stops them from ‘getting in line with their dreams’.

This is the ego working to put up barriers to the full freedom of their self-expression.

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Unabashed Openness to Abundance

How to create an openness to abundance.

Sivan Garr - you Deserve A Stunning Life!

You Deserve a Stunning Life!

Hey Everyone!

Honestly, the title of this story is a line I used for an evening workshop. I actually love the sense, feeling and implication of this sentence.

For me, stunning means – breathtaking, beyond beautiful, exquisite, extraordinary, rich, amazing….. I could go on.

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