On: Ego

Growing and evolving can be easier and faster when you feel good. But being in pain or confusion is also motivating.

It is easy to desire feeling better when we are in pain. But when we are under emotional siege, we don’t always have the strength to stay focused on the thoughts and actions that would make our path easier. Yet, for some, when we feel good, it is difficult to motivate ourselves to focus, and use our tools for betterment, or to even imagine that there is somewhere better to be! It is easy to become apathetic at that time and to lose interest in growing.

Work towards building your desire to grow and experience a richer more expansive life every moment, all of the time, and especially when you feel good. You will find that the next time you go through emotional pain, you will feel stronger and more capable.

The time is NOW!

Every moment.

You don’t have to wait for the next tsunami!

- Sivan Garr

I think because I have a mind, but decisions are born from my heart.

- Sivan Garr

Feeling Separate on the Spiritual Path

Today I received an email from someone struggling to figure out if they want to be on a spiritual path. This person suggested that if they were to truly undertake a spiritual path, they will be alienated from everyone because not everyone understands spirituality. They believe that if they truly begin to change then they will feel different, and above everyone. This is something that I have heard before, and not just in spirituality.

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Why we Deserve Good Things

A common statement I hear from people I work with is, “I don’t feel like I deserve good things.” This is an amazingly prevalent feeling and thought process. This is an inner program that stops them from ‘getting in line with their dreams’.

This is the ego working to put up barriers to the full freedom of their self-expression.

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Tell Yourself the Truth!

Even if it is painful, even if you only tell yourself, even if you know you won’t want to know it or hear it –


Sorting what is real and not real is one of the first orders of business on a spiritual path.

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Using Truth As Your Guide

Speed up your path by uncovering your true self and begin breaking down the walls that hold you back.

There is a healing that can happen in silence alone.

Not only the deep, meditative, inner silence.

But, the simple silence – just being quiet.

Not speaking.

Sometimes we have conversations that feel like they are going nowhere. Try silence. It does not have to be weird. You can just say, “I need to collect my thoughts.” Or, “Let’s just take a break from our discussion for a couple of minutes.” Let your mind calm. Just sitting with a person in quiet can lead to a better connection, a deeper understanding, a shift in the discussion, and a shift in consciousness. Really simple measures can create really huge results!

- Sivan Garr

Egos Say the Same Things

Egos all say the same things. Many times using the exact same language. A common ego statement is, “I need to stand up for myself!” Even challenging that one statement can cause an inner war. It seems so innocent, but it is not – it is the declaration of the victim.

You do deserve to be safe, but there is the way of the heart which always sees you as powerful.

In our empowered self, a solution will always be available to us. A solution that serves everyone and is healing. Not a shout of war.

The mind should be an effective tool of the heart!

- Sivan Garr

Focus on Strength

How to focus on the heart and your inner-strength.

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