On: Ego

Ego Mimicking the Heart

How you can tell when the heart is dominant or if the ego is simply mimicking the heart.

Learn the Heart’s Voice

What happens when you communicate consciously from your heart and how it can benefit you on your path.

Freedom From Fears

Sivan explains how our fear of humiliation can hold us back from growing spiritually.

Trust Surrender

Discover the nature of surrender and how you might use it to help calm the anxiety around your life.

Listen to the Heart

How to know when your ego or your heart is in control in a certain moment.


Find out how to use loneliness to expand your heart and turn the feeling into something positive.

Stronger than the Ego

Learn about the practice of the positive voice and the importance of this on your spiritual path.

The Mind vs. the Heart

Sivan gives advice and practices on how to move the heart into the front seat and the ego in the back seat.

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