On: Emotions

10 Practices to Release Emotional Pain

It helps to understand the basics of how the practice of releasing pain works.  I have listed some basic guidelines upon which you can build, below.

  • Releasing emotional and mental pain is connected to releasing any toxic situation in the body — you can link your physical cleansing to your energetic cleansing.
  • Behaviors that support a healthy body will also support a healthy emotional body, mental body, and spiritual body. This includes healthy eating, exercise, as well as good hygiene practices.

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Emotions on the Path

Learn what role emotions play on the path and why it is important to experience them.


Grrrrr!!! How to Tame The Tiger Within

I grew up in an angry household. By the time I was eleven, I could hold my own in any screaming match, insult contest or stare down. Because this was the language of my childhood, I was proud to be so adept with this powerful emotion.

However, as an adult, I found that my skills as an angry person were not seen as something to be proud of.

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Build Your Strengths

Sivan talks about a common misconception about the spiritual path and what it’s really about.


Time Story

One of the big complaints I often hear from people is, “I don’t have enough time!” If I was to be perfectly honest with all of you, it has been one of the major complaints of my life as well! So, I have studied and studied time.

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Scary???!! Right!! Are you sure you want to delve into this subject matter? I hope so! As humans, it is the scariest emotion that we have. As spiritual beings, it is clearly the hardest to face (keep reading, because I am going to tell a story after my comments about jealousy).

As a part of our journey on the spiritual path, each of us have had to (or will have to) become deeply aware of and educated about each of our emotions; sadness, fear, anger, loneliness, rage and jealousy. We have to experience these emotions in an exaggerated fashion for many reasons that actually benefit us.

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Fear Led Me Towards My Freedom!

At my seminar last weekend, I did an exercise that involved finding what was each person’s most prevalent emotion as a child. Although I was a whole lot of angry, my most prevalent emotion was fear.

My first memories of fear involved loneliness and aloneness. I can remember just being afraid of being on planet Earth. It seemed like a lawless, dangerous and very foreign place to me, even at a very, very young age.

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Find out how to use loneliness to expand your heart and turn the feeling into something positive.