On: Expectations

I was recently called upon to ask myself what I would want my life to look like if I knew I was going to die in a matter of months. After fully attending to contemplation, a deep peace took a strong hold in the most personal part of my being. I realized that –

My life is exactly as I want it.

My life is exactly as it needs to be.

In a very soft sweet way I witnessed the amount of love I have for my life, and that my life has for me. My life is so right for me that all death can do is ask me to be even more present in the moment that I am in.

I welcome each moment my life has to offer.

I know that physical death is a part of this life, and that by being peaceful in this here-and-now experience, I am in the best place I could ever be!

- Sivan Garr

Lion with baby

Are You My Mother?

I love my mother dearly, and she is (and was) a great mom. But, growing up, I can remember feeling that I was left with the wrong family. Although we have everything in common, as a child I saw no parallels.

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