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I Trust My Life

Sivan explains the process of activating surrender and provides practices to help you start trusting your life.

Back to Your Center

Back to Your Center

Sivan gives guidance and tools to communicate successfully and make successful decisions in order to create the best resolutions possible!

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Making Decisions

In order to really talk about how to know when and how we are making a mistake, we would have to talk about pre-destiny, the grand design and the role of the Divine.

This story is about the simple, yet difficult, choices that each of us face every day, and the process we go through to decide which path we want to take in any given moment.

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Loneliness is Painful for Everyone

From the time I can remember, I suffered incredible bouts of shocking, soul-searing loneliness.

These events would often happen when I was in a crowd; either a family gathering or some type of outing. It seemed to begin with a sudden pop in my ears accompanied by what I can only describe as a heightened sense of hearing as well as a heightened sense of silence at the same time.

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One of our great fears as humans is physical paralysis. We fear our consciousness being contained in an immovable vehicle.

We depend on our body’s flexibility and ability to maneuver and move.
Yet, at the same exact time, we fear with an almost equal intensity: mental freedom and lack of containment.

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Top Seven Most Common Blocks To Achieving Love, Happiness and Enlightenment!

As a Spiritual Teacher, one of my jobs is to assist my students in identifying what blocks they have to move forward, and then helping them figure out how to blast through them, remove them and overcome them!

In light of this, I decided to write the top seven most common blocks that everyone experiences at some point on their path. These blocks can seem intimidating, but they are not insurmountable and sometimes, just naming them can help us prepare for them and do wonders for reducing their impact.

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Everyone Wants To Feel Safe

This morning, four people and myself drove to Oakland to film for our next Youtube video. This video is going to be, ‘It’s You And Me.’ Not far from our merge onto I580 East, we could clearly see that the Westbound side of the freeway was closed. Which, in itself looks weird when you are used to so much traffic all the time! I was not driving, so I did look to see what was happening. There was a white truck on the side of the road riddled with bullet holes.

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Freedom From Fears

Sivan explains how our fear of humiliation can hold us back from growing spiritually.

Fear Led Me Towards My Freedom!

At my seminar last weekend, I did an exercise that involved finding what was each person’s most prevalent emotion as a child. Although I was a whole lot of angry, my most prevalent emotion was fear.

My first memories of fear involved loneliness and aloneness. I can remember just being afraid of being on planet Earth. It seemed like a lawless, dangerous and very foreign place to me, even at a very, very young age.

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Choosing to Face Fear

How facing our fears helps us grow on our spiritual path and how to do that in the most effective way possible.

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