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Egos Say the Same Things

Egos all say the same things. Many times using the exact same language. A common ego statement is, “I need to stand up for myself!” Even challenging that one statement can cause an inner war. It seems so innocent, but it is not – it is the declaration of the victim.

You do deserve to be safe, but there is the way of the heart which always sees you as powerful.

In our empowered self, a solution will always be available to us. A solution that serves everyone and is healing. Not a shout of war.

The mind should be an effective tool of the heart!

- Sivan Garr

Focus on Strength

How to focus on the heart and your inner-strength.

What if everything you think about those that are mean to you, they think about you as well? And, what if they were right? Imagine. This is a powerful place to start moving towards an open heart.

- Sivan Garr


Healing Your Heart By Opening Your Heart

By the time I was 21, I had moved 21 times. As a result and a need, I learned how to make close friends fast. At the same time, I learned how to drop people and never look back, just as fast.

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Ego Mimicking the Heart

How you can tell when the heart is dominant or if the ego is simply mimicking the heart.


Shining Light

Learn what happens when we begin to open our hearts.

Learn the Heart’s Voice

What happens when you communicate consciously from your heart and how it can benefit you on your path.

The Wildness of Choosing Love

Sivan describes what happens when you move into your heart and keep going into love.

People Reflecting You

Sivan gives explanations and a practice on how the people around us reflect us and ultimately show us what we need to see.

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