On: Hope

Hands holding flower

Message from Sivan

Sivan offers this special message in light of recent tragedies all around the world, offering her love and support.

New Year Message

A message from Sivan for the New Year!

New Year celebration

My New Year’s Miracle

My birthday is January 1st, so the beginning of my year of a new age, and the new year for us all have always been one and the same. This always seemed very profound to me.

My brother, who is two years older, has the same birthday. When we were small children, we would both have fleeting moments where we thought we were twins, but then we would remind ourselves that we were two years apart.

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Radical Change!

Earlier today, I was talking to someone who really wants to dramatically change the direction of his life and feels that his fear is too great to accomplish this. This story is dedicated to him and to all those who may be in similar situations. This is a story of hope.

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