On: Judgment


BE The ONE That Cares about YOU!

Have you ever felt that you just so wanted someone, anyone to care about you?
Did you wish when you were young that someone would care about your talents, your gifts, or your pain?

Do you ever wish that someone would come along to help you? Really care and really help?

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Am I Truly Growing?

Are there times you question whether or not you are growing?

Maybe you feel bored, or you don’t feel anything, or you feel too complacent. Maybe you question your progress because of feelings that you have that you judge. Maybe you judge your judgment?

Spiritual evolution and growth have extremely specific qualities. One quality is that sometimes it feels like you are not going anywhere!

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Expanding Your World

Many of us have conditions when it comes to making connections with others. Sivan explains how we can make powerful connections without those limitations.

A Childhood Story – So many levels of learning!

I was raised in Fresno, California until age 13. For sure, I and my siblings and friends pretty much thought it was the coolest place on Earth next to LA. And LA was only cooler because it had the beaches. That was why all the movie stars were there.

At eleven, I started smoking. Not really so odd at the time. Maybe just a teeny bit young, but I did have an older sister…. One evening, my sister, her best friend and I went driving around.

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