On: Listening

Listening with the entirety of your mind, body and soul can be one of the most powerful healing tools.

- Sivan Garr

There are many voices in your head. Which one is the right one?

- Sivan Garr

Your limitations have received from you, your unlimited attention. Let us turn our attention to your possibilities and make them actualities!

- Sivan Garr

Treasure Those That Tell You Their Story!

Her name was Marlene. I vividly remembered her name, because Marlene is my Mother’s name. She and I were in the third grade. I was eight years old and the year was 1968. My family had just moved to Fresno over the previous summer, from the farming community of Conejo. I was actually happy to be in Fresno, because we were now much closer to extended family.

Marlene was not really my friend – she was a loner and a bit different from the other kids.

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