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Using Truth As Your Guide

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Can we be angry and still love?

Many of us want to help right the wrongs in the world. Many folks feel angry at the injustices in the world and hold resentment, bitterness and rage. There is so much happening in this world that is, simply put, wrong.

So, how do we go forward? How do we live, see what is happening here, not be in denial, and move towards healing and resolution? Basically, how can we be angry and loving?

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Funny Valentine

Since this week is Valentine’s week, let’s talk a bit about relationships!

So often I hear from people that they feel their partner shows them less love and attention than they want, or less than they themselves give. When this happens, that person often wants to limit the love they will express to their partner; their feelings get hurt, or they feel rejected or they feel they only want to give in the same quantity they are getting.

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Grrrrr!!! How to Tame The Tiger Within

I grew up in an angry household. By the time I was eleven, I could hold my own in any screaming match, insult contest or stare down. Because this was the language of my childhood, I was proud to be so adept with this powerful emotion.

However, as an adult, I found that my skills as an angry person were not seen as something to be proud of.

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I love each of you and have a deep resounding intention to spread as much love and healing as possible!

- Sivan Garr

What’s Your Body Got To Do With It?

As some of you know from my previous blogs, my maternal Grandmother was my first spiritual guide. One of the things I vividly remember her saying – and often – was, “You are NOT your BODY!”.

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Love is the dormant power that holds the key to the healing of the entire mankind.

- Sivan Garr


Shining Light

Learn what happens when we begin to open our hearts.

Mountain and lake

Shades of Perfection Appear In Self-Acceptance

Last week one of my students came to me and said,

“I am trying very hard to be perfect! How can I be perfect?”

Is this not something that we all strive for?

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Living your life with love as your guide is the only real solution!

- Sivan Garr

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