On: Open-Heart

Bird breaking away from chain

Regain Your Awareness

Learn tools that can help you regain your awareness and uncover the blankets of unconsciousness. Sivan covers how we can do this and how a chain reaction occurs when we begin to open our hearts. Gain inner strength and agility in order to assist your awakening!

woman with hand over heart

Effects of Living from the Heart

Listen to a clip from Sivan’s Limitless Love Project Webcast which focusses on living with an open heart.

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Defy the Odds

Sivan goes in-depth about how we can go beyond our pain and be powerful, strong, and happy!

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Inner Revolution

Sivan offers practical information on how to create an inner revolution in order to face every situation from the heart.


Shining Light

Learn what happens when we begin to open our hearts.

People Reflecting You

Sivan gives explanations and a practice on how the people around us reflect us and ultimately show us what we need to see.