On: Peace

Walking in desert

Gently Stepping Into Love

I talk about love often. I work very hard to create a vivid picture about love, the heart, what it all means and how it all works. The other day, one of my students exclaimed that it was simply too hard for her to figure out how to focus love on other people. She explained that her mistrust of people was too strong. Her heart had been broken too many times.

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The Ultimate Goal

As a child, I saw world peace as an ultimate goal. It never even occurred to me that it was a lofty goal.

I thought, “Well, peace makes perfect sense for everyone, so it just cannot be that hard to make happen, right?” As I grew older, I went along with this theory for a little while, but I quickly became too concerned with my own lack of peace to involve myself too much in the world.

Then, I focused on inner peace.

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You are a healer. You are the one who is responsible for peace.

- Sivan Garr

Love has many sides, voices, faces and paths. Every single one of them leads to healing. Everyone of them leads to resolution. Everyone of them leads to happiness and peace. If that did not happen, it was not love.

- Sivan Garr