On: Power

hands holding flower

Overcome Self-Pity

Break the habit of self-pity and learn to find your power. Your life and your path will change dramatically!


Each of us, within us, has the power and the intelligence to create miracles.

- Sivan Garr


Imagine not being imprisoned by your fears.

Imagine not being paralyzed by your rigid opinions and beliefs.

Imagine not being kidnapped by your rage, imagine.

Imagine a world where everyone can shine, where working through difficult conversations and confrontations is the norm.

Imagine being so flexible that you can imagine all beings’ perspectives without deferring to any.

Imagine having a heart so big that it can heal anything!

The power each of you have is enough to shift our destiny as a world, our universe as a whole, our communities and families, into a brighter and more illuminated place. Whatever darkness you think you carry it is not even an inkling as big as your light!

- Sivan Garr

Finding Powerful Questions

Sivan discusses the concept of learning the art of asking the questions that will help you get in touch with the deepest part of yourself.

Time is magical. You have the power to master its secrets and find yourself at the door of your own eternal moment.

- Sivan Garr

Our power of will holds the key to tipping the scales of changing the direction of our lives and the direction of our planet.

- Sivan Garr

Everyone has the power to create their dreams.

- Sivan Garr