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Effects of Living from the Heart

Listen to a clip from Sivan’s Limitless Love Project Webcast which focusses on living with an open heart.

The Keys to Success in Everything!

First Key to Success:

The first and most crucial key to success is to be aware that success happens precisely in the Current Moment. Success happens in the Right Now, in the Perpetual Present. This means that you say yes to exactly what NOW (the present moment) asks of you. If you are not sure what that means you can monitor it by considering that…

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This may mean that at this moment, it is the right time to wash dishes so that you will have a beautiful, clean kitchen to prepare food in tomorrow.

This may mean that at this moment, you sit down and work on the business plan, homework, or job hunt that is going to take care of you financially.

This may mean that you are a person who absolutely wants to get enlightened in this lifetime and this moment asks you to actively, honestly, and exuberantly Choose Love.

Second Key to Success:

Once we reach an absolute self-care mindset within the present ment, we can look at the next step which is to start! We can’t succeed in anything if we don’t take that first step. When you have that feeling of self-care and know what might be the right action to take, take that step. 

Third Key to Success:

Keep Going! Put one foot in front of the other and never ever quit! Every step will get you closer to your goals. 

Dive into the present of your life with your eyes wide open. You will find an astounding amount of gifts that you would otherwise have missed.

- Sivan Garr

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Being in the Present

Sivan explains how living in the present can help us reach one of our ultimate goals on a spiritual path.

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Here Is Where You Are Supposed To Be!

My first memories as a child were mostly extreme feelings that I was not supposed to be here. I believed that I was from another planet and that my ‘real’ parents had accidentally dropped me off on Earth. There was the problem that I did look like my parents. I explained that away by saying that a soul could also accidentally be dropped somewhere. However, the years just kept going by with no one coming to get me. I went back and forth believing that I was sent here as a punishment, to I was sent here (though very ill equipped) to save the planet. Finally, during my late teens, I decided that I just needed to figure out how to get off this planet and never have to come back, and I didn’t care why I was here.

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