On: Safety

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Then there are times when nothing less than the truth will do.

The truth in all forms, fed to one in doses that makes one so full they burst. Dished out from any and all directions, forms, people and situations.

Truths that are raw, real, earthquake material.

Truths that wake us from our slumber.

Truths that shock us into walking out of our skin and flowering into something we could never have imagined, but somewhere inside had always hoped for.

No, this is not comfortable. And, yes – this is the dream we have all been waiting for, while under our covers.

- Sivan Garr

Egos Say the Same Things

Egos all say the same things. Many times using the exact same language. A common ego statement is, “I need to stand up for myself!” Even challenging that one statement can cause an inner war. It seems so innocent, but it is not – it is the declaration of the victim.

You do deserve to be safe, but there is the way of the heart which always sees you as powerful.

In our empowered self, a solution will always be available to us. A solution that serves everyone and is healing. Not a shout of war.

Everyone wants the same things. Everyone wants to be safe. Everyone wants to be happy. Everyone wants to be able to self-express!

- Sivan Garr


Everyone Wants To Feel Safe

This morning, four people and myself drove to Oakland to film for our next Youtube video. This video is going to be, ‘It’s You And Me.’ Not far from our merge onto I580 East, we could clearly see that the Westbound side of the freeway was closed. Which, in itself looks weird when you are used to so much traffic all the time! I was not driving, so I did look to see what was happening. There was a white truck on the side of the road riddled with bullet holes.

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