On: Spiritual Growth

Feeling Separate on the Spiritual Path

Today I received an email from someone struggling to figure out if they want to be on a spiritual path. This person suggested that if they were to truly undertake a spiritual path, they will be alienated from everyone because not everyone understands spirituality. They believe that if they truly begin to change then they will feel different, and above everyone. This is something that I have heard before, and not just in spirituality.

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How to Perceive Spiritual Progress

A very important tool for successfully navigating the spiritual path is to use your life experience from the past as a stable reference point. From this point, every day, you create clear markers of your progress. You recognize these experiential milestones over and over again; repeating and remembering their defining qualities and contrasting them against the perspective of your present moment experience.

Here is the reason why this is important.

As people progress along their path, their negative voice can become louder.

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The Spin Cycle

“Why is this happening to me again?”
“What am I not getting?”

Lots of folks tell me that they have repeating cycles in their lives. Either repeating uncomfortable situations, the return of past relationship problems, or just something downright in their face like getting fired from a job (again) without understanding why.

The repetition of uncomfortable situations does not always happen because you did not learn your lesson; sometimes it happens because this particular situation has been a motivating factor for you to move forward in life, and evolve.

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