On: Success

The Keys to Success in Everything!

Just starting is the first key to success in anything! The second key to success is to keep going, putting one foot in front of the other and never, ever quit! However, the third and most critical key to success is that –

Success happens precisely in the Current Moment!

Success happens in the Right Now. In the Perpetual Present. This means that you say yes to exactly what Now asks of you. If you are not sure what that means you can monitor it by considering that the primary element of your Now experience is absolute self-care.

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Sivan Garr - you Deserve A Stunning Life!

You Deserve a Stunning Life!

Hey Everyone!

Honestly, the title of this story is a line I used for an evening workshop. I actually love the sense, feeling and implication of this sentence.

For me, stunning means – breathtaking, beyond beautiful, exquisite, extraordinary, rich, amazing….. I could go on.

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Baby walking on beach

Babies Don’t Give Up On Walking, Right?

I have two wonderful daughters. I vividly remember watching them learn how to walk. My oldest daughter was absolutely incredibly excited about life. Prior to three months old she learned to roll. She took advantage of this skill and rolled literally all over our home. Rolling became her main method of transportation. It was fun and funny to watch how this tiny baby was not going to let anything limit her adventurous desire to explore her surroundings.

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