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I Trust My Life

Sivan explains the process of activating surrender and provides practices to help you start trusting your life.

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Making Decisions

In order to really talk about how to know when and how we are making a mistake, we would have to talk about pre-destiny, the grand design and the role of the Divine.

This story is about the simple, yet difficult, choices that each of us face every day, and the process we go through to decide which path we want to take in any given moment.

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Jumping Into The Abyss…And Learning How to Fly

In one of my favorite set of books as a teen, the stories always included a part where the main character was faced with the challenge of ‘jumping into the abyss’.

It was a powerful metaphor for permanently leaving behind an old unwanted self. Clearly, I mentally understood the wisdom of this. At the same time, I was controlled by my insane attachment to the problems, worries, and conflicts that I called ‘me’. Whenever they became threatened in any way, I immediately fell back within the cocoon of my own making.

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Contemplate these words: Trust, Surrender, Love, Humbleness, Yes…

Just contemplate!

- Sivan Garr


Imagine not being imprisoned by your fears.

Imagine not being paralyzed by your rigid opinions and beliefs.

Imagine not being kidnapped by your rage, imagine.

Imagine a world where everyone can shine, where working through difficult conversations and confrontations is the norm.

Imagine being so flexible that you can imagine all beings’ perspectives without deferring to any.

Imagine having a heart so big that it can heal anything!

The power each of you have is enough to shift our destiny as a world, our universe as a whole, our communities and families, into a brighter and more illuminated place. Whatever darkness you think you carry it is not even an inkling as big as your light!

- Sivan Garr

Trust Surrender

Discover the nature of surrender and how you might use it to help calm the anxiety around your life.

Active Surrender

Sivan explains how you can stop the fight and learn to surrender without being attached to results.