On: Truth

Implications – these are the unseen, and perhaps unspoken motivation behind your actions.

They may also be the hidden desires behind your choices.

Studying implications can build a steady awareness of what is going on “behind the scenes” in your consciousness! You will not believe how surprised you might be about something you thought was one truth, but in fact, is something else entirely!

- Sivan Garr

When processed through the heart, loneliness morphs into longing.

When one is open to the experience, longing clearly becomes a deep inner call to find our way back home.

To our true Home.

To our true Origins.

To our true Self.

The longing itself has the power to be a tool that directs us on our path of truth and love.

- Sivan Garr

There is a time for comfort; a time for putting our heads under the covers and curling up to stay hidden and warm. There is a time to take a break; hear words of caring and soulful compassion. These times are needed to calm the electrified edges of our psyches as we walk the paths of healing.

Then there are times when nothing less than the truth will do.

The truth in all forms, fed to one in doses that makes one so full they burst. Dished out from any and all directions, forms, people and situations.

Truths that are raw, real, earthquake material.

Truths that wake us from our slumber.

Truths that shock us into walking out of our skin and flowering into something we could never have imagined, but somewhere inside had always hoped for.

No, this is not comfortable. And, yes – this is the dream we have all been waiting for, while under our covers.

- Sivan Garr

Tell Yourself the Truth!

Even if it is painful, even if you only tell yourself, even if you know you won’t want to know it or hear it –

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Sorting what is real and not real is one of the first orders of business on a spiritual path.

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Using Truth As Your Guide

Speed up your path by uncovering your true self and begin breaking down the walls that hold you back.

Your very own happiness, gives others around you permission to experience their happiness. This is a fundamental truth of healers.

- Sivan Garr

How do you remember your childhood, or a significant past relationship or job?

Can you see the ways you can describe it as wonderful or horrible?

Kind, or abusive?

Boring or exciting?

How can we tell the truth, be positive, and tell the whole story without being in denial?

There is a way. And that way of remembering, describing and sharing can lead to your release from the past, and an unfolding of your life’s progress in ways that you are so jazzed about!

- Sivan Garr

The teacher’s role is to direct you to yourself. Your true self. Your powerful self. Your Divine Self.

- Sivan Garr