On: Willingness

The Power of Willingness

Growth starts by establishing our willingness and confronting our unwillingness. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to ascertain where we are unwilling. And sometimes the area where we think our unwillingness is, just masks a deeper pain. In order to open this conversation with my own students, I sometimes tell the stories of two women that came to a teacher with absolute sincerity and determination to grow…

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Sivan Garr - you Deserve A Stunning Life!

You Deserve a Stunning Life!

Hey Everyone!

Honestly, the title of this story is a line I used for an evening workshop. I actually love the sense, feeling and implication of this sentence.

For me, stunning means – breathtaking, beyond beautiful, exquisite, extraordinary, rich, amazing….. I could go on.

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Expanding Your World

Many of us have conditions when it comes to making connections with others. Sivan explains how we can make powerful connections without those limitations.