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healing deprivation

Healing Deprivation

Sivan reveals the key to overcoming the negative voices of deprivation.

Connection with the Divine

What is really happening when we feel completely alone or feel unable to move further on our path? Sivan explains this and how we can connect to the divine in these moments.

Focusing on Your Path

The benefits of keeping your thoughts on your path in every moment.

Get the Feeling

How certain feelings can make your path easier.

Emotions on the Path

Learn what role emotions play on the path and why it is important to experience them.

Spiritual Toolbox

Sivan reveals the 4 areas of the path and explains how you can create your own spiritual toolbox to keep you on track.

Finding Powerful Questions

Sivan discusses the concept of learning the art of asking the questions that will help you get in touch with the deepest part of yourself.

Using Truth As Your Guide

Speed up your path by uncovering your true self and begin breaking down the walls that hold you back.

Focus on Strength

How to focus on the heart and your inner-strength.

Unabashed Openness to Abundance

How to create an openness to abundance.

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