Healing Videos

I Love You

For a long time I had dreamed of recording a myriad of voices from every age and walk of life saying – I love you.

Propelled by an intense desire to fill the enormous gap that is created by people feeling unloved – I created this video to help others access the healing power of love around the world.

Love is such an incredible gift, and the most powerful healing force. It is the bond that somehow links us all together, and a way in which to create inner healing, and heal one another.

This video has created a real and potent force of love that is available for anyone at anytime to receive. I am overwhelmed and humbled by its online popularity, and in particular – the many dramatic and touching responses that I have received.

It is such a heartwarming confirmation of the love that REALLY IS in the world, and in the heart of each individual. I really feel the total realness and sincerity of each person who contributed to this video – and I believe that together we have created an ACTUAL TOOL OF HEALING!

I Believe in YOU!

I believe in you:

     most certainly

Believe it or not (sic) – belief can change our world from the inside out. This video is here when you need it most. Let it be a beacon to you when a friendly reminder is needed!

You are Beautiful!

What is beauty? And who is beauty-full?

Let me tell you that our entire world and life experience is a living expression of beauty, and the divine. Your mind, body and soul do not stand apart from this phenomenon. On the contrary – you are an essential and integral part of it!

You are the world – and YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!