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10 Practices to Release Emotional Pain

It helps to understand the basics of how the practice of releasing pain works.  I have listed some basic guidelines upon which you can build, below.

  • Releasing emotional and mental pain is connected to releasing any toxic situation in the body — you can link your physical cleansing to your energetic cleansing.
  • Behaviors that support a healthy body will also support a healthy emotional body, mental body, and spiritual body. This includes healthy eating, exercise, as well as good hygiene practices.

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Does Life Get in the Way of Our Spiritual Path?

In one of my recent weekly conversations a student asked me:

“I feel that a big part of being on a spiritual path is focusing on the divine, but how does one stay on that path when they are just trying to pay the bills?”

This is indeed an issue that arises in us all, and in many ways, it relates to a series of misplaced perceptions and clichés surrounding the nature of a spiritual path. The underlying truth of the matter is:

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At the age of 32, I collided with my destiny.

After a life of searching for answers; secretly believing that love existed, but having never felt it; having spent many of my life years behind the heavy bars of very, very dark depression; having the constant experience of being aware I was asleep, but not being able to wake up; feeling like I was dying in a desolate and never-ending landscape of hopelessness… life brought me a gift.

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BE The ONE That Cares about YOU!

Have you ever felt that you just so wanted someone, anyone to care about you?
Did you wish when you were young that someone would care about your talents, your gifts, or your pain?

Do you ever wish that someone would come along to help you? Really care and really help?

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Walking in desert

Gently Stepping Into Love

I talk about love often. I work very hard to create a vivid picture about love, the heart, what it all means and how it all works. The other day, one of my students exclaimed that it was simply too hard for her to figure out how to focus love on other people. She explained that her mistrust of people was too strong. Her heart had been broken too many times.

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Be your Own Advocate!

Be your own advocate! Care about you and be grateful to yourself for your very own help!

In every single situation in your life, you are your own main resource for support, motivation, care, and consideration. Sometimes, we sit on the sidelines of life waiting for someone to care about us enough, so that we can care for ourselves.

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Hiking path in Hawaii

Making Decisions

In order to really talk about how to know when and how we are making a mistake, we would have to talk about pre-destiny, the grand design and the role of the Divine.

This story is about the simple, yet difficult, choices that each of us face every day, and the process we go through to decide which path we want to take in any given moment.

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Jumping Into The Abyss…And Learning How to Fly

In one of my favorite set of books as a teen, the stories always included a part where the main character was faced with the challenge of ‘jumping into the abyss’.

It was a powerful metaphor for permanently leaving behind an old unwanted self. Clearly, I mentally understood the wisdom of this. At the same time, I was controlled by my insane attachment to the problems, worries, and conflicts that I called ‘me’. Whenever they became threatened in any way, I immediately fell back within the cocoon of my own making.

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Am I Truly Growing?

Are there times you question whether or not you are growing?

Maybe you feel bored, or you don’t feel anything, or you feel too complacent. Maybe you question your progress because of feelings that you have that you judge. Maybe you judge your judgment?

Spiritual evolution and growth have extremely specific qualities. One quality is that sometimes it feels like you are not going anywhere!

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Processing Negativity through the Heart

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Loneliness can be quite painful. I know people who were so incredibly affected by loneliness, that they built their lives around trying to create so many outings with people, attempting to limit the amount of loneliness they would have to feel.

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