I have decided to post some of my practices for releasing negative energy. What follows is is a very brief introductory list. For more practices that will help release negative energy, you can read my blog, 10 Practices for Releasing Emotional Pain.

There are specific details in each practice that either make it work or not. Practices also require consistency, meaning it is important to try something and repeat it daily for a while. So set your pace and get going!

If you try something and want feedback, email me and let me know!

Empaths can absorb other people’s negative energy in three ways:

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  2. Emotionally – as in heavy feelings
  3. Physically – as in physical pain or ailments

Some symptoms of a Powerhouse Empath processing negative energy:

  • Migraines
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Digestive Issues
  • Asthma
  • Immune Issues
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Weight Issues

Practices to help release and process other people’s pain (this helps with your stuck pain as well):

1. Turn Your Antennae On – Notice how you feel after spending time with various people, or in various situations. Just pay more attention to how you are feeling, what your thoughts are, and when. Notice patterns. This is the first important step.

2. Building Intentions – Fortify from within the belief that you do not want to suffer from other people’s pain. You may want to send them calming or healing energy instead, but you do not want to take in or absorb their pain or energy.

3. Create A Conduit – Find tricks and ways in which to release other people’s energy out of your mind/emotions/body. You can test various approaches and see what works for you. Regardless of what you choose, it is important to focus on the exact intention so that the exercise you are doing effectively releases any negative energy from your body/psyche.

4. Shower or Bathe – A shower or bath with the intention of washing off any negative energy can help. Being at the ocean, swimming, taking a bath with salts, or soaking your feet with salt, all are powerful ways to remove negativity.

5. The Observer – For mental clearing, this practice is by far the quickest way to achieve inner silence and clarity. The Observer is practiced by simply taking 5 minutes a day and repeating your thoughts back to yourself with absolutely no other commentary. These 5 minutes will lead you to be able to put it into practice when you have anxiety and stop the looping or run-on thoughts. When that happens, you are also able to release more emotions.

6. Filling Your Body With Love – Out of everything, love is the most powerful healing force. It takes patience and practice to move out of anxiety, worry, and daily affairs, and simply focus on building love. You can either focus on love for each other, family, nature, or the Divine. Build it, think about it, generate it – all day long. This creates the most powerful empathic ‘boundary’ that you could need.

7. Saying No – For one week, just say no or, say, “Let me get back to you.” Make this your new practice. Notice when someone you are around is draining you, and if you can, leave their presence. If not, then figure out how to change the conversation or create a shift in the situation.

8. Hydrate – Drink more water. When you notice that you feel more anxious or depressed, or even just tired, really increase your water intake. Water can be a powerful mover of negativity out of your body.

9. Bodywork & Healers – Try acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, or other healing modalities.

Moving more into a place of strength means that you begin to see exactly when you are taking on someone else’s pain. You can also gain a sense of control about when it is or is not your choice and how to release your pain and suffering. Begin to intentionally work on these practices and watch to see which ones work for you and even develop your own. Take notes each day on how you feel and if anything helped.