In another post we talked about eye contact and about being empathetic. Today, I would like to discuss touch.

The touch I am speaking of is a touch on the shoulder – a pat on the back or a hug. You get it!

We all know that human touch can be very healing, nurturing and is vital for our emotional and physical health and well-being.

However, there are some people that are sensitive to touch. You may be this person, or you may know someone that is this person. This can be a difficult subject because many people have strong feelings about the appropriateness of touch and judge people who shy away from it. Others can get their feelings hurt if someone declines a hug. Even the person that does not like to be touched can be confused and think that they may have issues with ‘boundaries’ or ‘personal space’.

I suggest that some of these people are empaths that don’t quite know it yet, or have not taken charge of their empathic selves.

They can either feel too much, or too much pain from the other person, or they may just be too inundated with energy and the addition of more simply feels overwhelming.This can be a great topic of conversation and a movement towards healing if you, or someone you know is like this. A bit of openness can clear pathways for so much understanding and connection!

I love you! My commitment is to always love more, deeper, bigger, stronger and more powerfully!