Since this week is Valentine’s week, let’s talk a bit about relationships!

So often I hear from people that they feel their partner shows them less love and attention than they want, or less than they themselves give. When this happens, that person often wants to limit the love they will express to their partner; their feelings get hurt, or they feel rejected or they feel they only want to give in the same quantity they are getting.

I suggest to go hog crazy this week! (well, every week!).

Love your partner no matter what! Work to make your expressions of love louder and more powerful than your rejection or hurt feelings! I want to be clear that I am only talking about expressions of love. Not money or chores or anything else! Just the kisses and hugs and I love you’s in every form! Maybe love letters, texts, emails, and spoken words!

You cannot love too much. And, often our own feelings of deprivation block our own ability to see what is being given to us. In addition to that, operating in a calculated world ultimately, in itself, causes a sense of limitation. Moving yourself out of limitation may open up yourself and your relationship in ways you’d always hoped for!

I love you, cherish you, and send you wishes for all that open-heartedness brings!