At some point, just stop listening to your negative voices. Stop taking them seriously. Stop telling everyone all about them over and over. Stop believing in their value. Stop believing them. Stop believing that if you find solutions, or if you get that facelift, or lose that weight, or win the lotto, or get that boy/girlfriend, or have the right friends, or get the break you need, or find someone to help you, or have that important somebody say their sorry, that everything in life will be okay.

I have found that when I finally landed that great job, my boss drove me crazy. When I lost weight, I still judged myself, in fact, I still thought I was fat. When I got a lot of money, I still wanted more. When I found the perfect house, it soon became too small. When the perfect man came into my life, I found faults in him. Actually, what I found is that my negative voice would never be at a loss for things to find wrong.

In fact, it would always, even if things were so right, find something lacking.

There is no need to respond to your negative voice – ever.

It is a negative voice. That is it’s job. It is not going to suddenly turn positive. But, it is difficult, because we are all conditioned to heartily listen to our negative voices and run around trying to fix whatever problems that it ruminates on.

Instead, create a positive voice! That would be fake, you say? That’s okay. Let it seem fake. Your negative voice is also pretty fake, but you just have learned to believe it. So, every day, create some positive thoughts, positive positions, positive goals, outlooks, beliefs about yourself and others and the world. Repeat them over and over because your negative voice does also. That’s is how it gets your attention. You can use the same tactic –
enough said!

I love you!