Just starting is the first key to success in anything! The second key to success is to keep going, putting one foot in front of the other and never, ever quit! However, the third and most critical key to success is that –

Success happens precisely in the Current Moment!

Success happens in the Right Now. In the Perpetual Present. This means that you say yes to exactly what Now asks of you. If you are not sure what that means you can monitor it by considering that the primary element of your Now experience is absolute self-care. That may mean that in this Moment, it is the right time to wash dishes, so that you will have a beautiful, clean kitchen to prepare food in tomorrow. It may mean that in this Moment, you sit down and work on the business plan, or homework, or job hunt that is going to take care of you financially. It may mean that you are a person who absolutely wants to get enlightened in this lifetime and this Moment asks you to actively, honestly, and exuberantly Choose Love.

I Choose Love!
And, I wash my dishes, do my chores and all the while,
think of you and send my love to each of you!