Growing your Healer self is a fun and adventurous process filled with questions, challenges and even riddles!

After I wrote about Empaths and practices for releasing pain, many people responded with what seemed to be a number one concern, This concern was stated very clearly – they do not want to release the pain they are carrying because they don’t want it to be available to harm anyone else.

My suggestion to those of you who feel this concern is as follows: each individual can create some type of statement that works for them. It could be something like this –

I am releasing all negative energy and pain, into the earth. And, the earth is transforming it into positive energy of light and love!

You can use any words that are meaningful to you and bring a sense of peace. The important parts are releasing the negative and changing it to positive. Your intention is a significant part of this process!

Remember, you deserve an amazing life! You deserve to be unburdened! You deserve to be cared for! I love you! Sivan