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Feeling Separate on the Spiritual Path

Today I received an email from someone struggling to figure out if they want to be on a spiritual path. This person suggested that if they were to truly undertake a spiritual path, they will be alienated from everyone because not everyone understands spirituality. They believe that if they truly begin to change then they will feel different, and above everyone. This is something that I have heard before, and not just in spirituality.

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Making The Impossible, POSSIBLE

When I was 20, I was in a serious head-on collision car accident while I had my (very new) baby in the car with me. I was driving home from work, and usually, my husband (at the time) and I commuted together. But, for a reason I don’t now remember, that night, we drove home separately. My daughter was strapped into her car seat, next to me in our Pinto.

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Growing your Healer Self

Growing your Healer self is a fun and adventurous process filled with questions, challenges and even riddles!

After I wrote about Empaths and practices for releasing pain, many people responded with what seemed to be a number one concern, This concern was stated very clearly – they do not want to release the pain they are carrying because they don’t want it to be available to harm anyone else.

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Why we Deserve Good Things

A common statement I hear from people I work with is, “I don’t feel like I deserve good things.” This is an amazingly prevalent feeling and thought process. This is an inner program that stops them from ‘getting in line with their dreams’.

This is the ego working to put up barriers to the full freedom of their self-expression.

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Healing Relationship Blocks

Everyone has experienced the loneliness and frustration of not being in a relationship but wanting to be in one. Sometimes when we are single, we believe that we will never find a perfect lover/partner again. The prospect of finding our mate can feel so daunting – so, for all of you looking for your lover, this is for you!

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The Keys to Success in Everything!

Just starting is the first key to success in anything! The second key to success is to keep going, putting one foot in front of the other and never, ever quit! However, the third and most critical key to success is that –

Success happens precisely in the Current Moment!

Success happens in the Right Now. In the Perpetual Present. This means that you say yes to exactly what Now asks of you. If you are not sure what that means you can monitor it by considering that the primary element of your Now experience is absolute self-care.

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How to Perceive Spiritual Progress

A very important tool for successfully navigating the spiritual path is to use your life experience from the past as a stable reference point. From this point, every day, you create clear markers of your progress. You recognize these experiential milestones over and over again; repeating and remembering their defining qualities and contrasting them against the perspective of your present moment experience.

Here is the reason why this is important.

As people progress along their path, their negative voice can become louder.

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Ant drinking

Build Your Inner Reservoir of Strength

Many people come to me because they want to change something big – about themselves or something in their life, or something in the people around them.

I have had people that wanted to figure out how to guarantee that their mate would never leave them, or that their children would always be happy and healthy, or that they would most assuredly get the promotion they want, or that they would suddenly get wealthy.

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Lion with baby

Are You My Mother?

I love my mother dearly, and she is (and was) a great mom. But, growing up, I can remember feeling that I was left with the wrong family. Although we have everything in common, as a child I saw no parallels.

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New Year celebration

My New Year’s Miracle

My birthday is January 1st, so the beginning of my year of a new age, and the new year for us all have always been one and the same. This always seemed very profound to me.

My brother, who is two years older, has the same birthday. When we were small children, we would both have fleeting moments where we thought we were twins, but then we would remind ourselves that we were two years apart.

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